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Howdy, I’m Blog and this is my brad!  Oh, sorry.  I mean, I’m Brad and this is my blog.

Welcome to my first blog entry.  I established this blog to promote my writing and books.  There it is!  Subtle, huh?  Honestly, I’ve never been good at self-promotion.  I’ve always regarded humility as a noble virtue and a good quality to exercise on a regular basis.  Sadly, society has taught us that humility is not very affective when it comes to promoting oneself or one’s product.  So, I guess that this blog is a type of ‘shameless self-promotion’ as one of my co-workers said at a radio station where I used to work way back when.

I’m not much of a techie (I don’t even have a cell-phone…well not anymore at least!) and blogging is new to me.  I’m not into the latest technological fads, gadgets or gizmos, either.  However, I enjoy writing when I can, and I’d like to share my writing with you.

I have enjoyed creative writing ever since I wrote my first story titled “Revenge of the Killer Spaceship” in fourth grade.  I had an amazing teacher who created a project where everyone in class wrote their own story.  After each student wrote and illustrated their own story, the teacher had each story bound in a hard cover book.  It was the first book I ever published and it was an incredible experience!

As I got older and transitioned from elementary school to junior high school and high school, I became influenced by Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe (How many authors have said that before?) and I credit them for my literary inspiration.  I had another wonderfully open-minded freshman English teacher in high school who allowed me to venture away from the recommended class book report list and delve into the worlds of Stephen King (within reason).  My teacher got final approval on the King books that I was allowed to read, of course.  Even though I had been a King fan since junior high school, it was an incredible opportunity to explore and it merely served to help reignite my inner author who had been mostly dormant since elementary school.  The same teacher also encouraged creative writing and those projects were a lot of fun, too.

On the other hand, I cannot cite the print media as my sole inspiration.  Inspiration can come from almost anywhere.  I’m a huge film buff (particularly the films of the 80s) and most of my music collection is likewise influenced by the “gnarliest” decade.  It would be remiss of me to say that I am not, or have never been, influenced by film, television and music.  How can one not be these days?  As far as film influences in my work, I credit the suspense and horror films of Alfred Hitchcock.

Of course, as with most things in life, various winding paths and personal choices have made writing opportunities difficult (and sometimes non-existent) throughout the decades.  But now, through the proliferation of self-publishing, I’m able to exercise my creative side once again and somewhat more easily.

Well, thank you for checking-out my blog.  Feel free to post comments, questions or suggestions (positive or negative) as I support the notion that “there is no such thing as bad publicity,” at least I hope not.

More importantly, I encourage you to read my books and stories and spread the word if you feel that they are entertaining.  After all, again, the singular purpose of this blog is to promote my writing.

Take care and be good to those in your life, even strangers, because we are all here together on this massive floating ball in space.

Best wishes and thanks for reading,