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cover 3.20'19To Sleep in the Ground (Kindle Edition)

A wealthy French madame, a misguided manga artist, a greedy financier, a malicious computer hacker and a homicidal sociopath. What do they all have in common? They all have contracts on their heads. The one hired to fulfill those contracts is Marco Dark. He’s cultured, sophisticated and intelligent, and the most lethal hit man on the planet. He’s also a 200-year-old vampire! Journey with Marco as he traverses the globe plying his deadly trade…and pray that you’re not on his list!




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The DiVacci Curse: An Old-Fashioned Ghost Short Story (Kindle Edition)

Joshua and Marcy Morhouse just bought their dream home in northern New Hampshire with the help of a wealthy inheritance. The three hundred year old mansion is more than they could have ever hoped for and both think that it will be the perfect place for Joshua to recuperate from a psychologically troubled past.

However, something isn’t quite right with the house. Joshua is seeing and hearing strange things in various places within the mansion that lead him to the ominous conclusion that they are not alone in their new nest of peace and comfort.

Are Joshua’s feelings of dread just manic manifestations of his troubled psychological state, or does the old mansion harbor an evil that is determined to destroy them and lay their souls to waste?

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A Day of Horror: The March 11, 2011 Japan Earthquake – A Foreigner’s Perspective (Kindle Edition)

Revised and updated! Photo illustrations included.

Do you want to know what it was really like? Experience the disaster and crisis from a survivor’s point of view. This is a personal account of one of the most horrifying days in recorded Japanese history; March 11, 2011. Told from the perspective of an American living in northern Japan. This story is his personal struggle and attempts to survive the initial earthquake, numerous aftershocks and the threat of radiation in the weeks and months following that fateful day. Using actual emails to family and friends, as well as personal experiences over a ten month period, the author has written a book that delves deep into the penetrating effects of March 11th; particularly the subsequent fear and panic initiated by the meltdown of a nuclear facility situated a mere thirty-six miles from his home and business. However, it is not just a chronicle of actual events. It also offers insight and analysis into the emotional and psychological effects of the disaster and ensuing nuclear crisis.

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