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The Boba Fett costume garnered attention from many that Halloween, and I almost won a couple of costume contests in St. Augustine with it. One particular moment always comes to mind when I think about that costume. It was a funny exchange between a husband and wife and their children who saw me dressed as Boba Fett on Halloween night. Their banter went something like this:

Husband: Oh, Wow! It’s Boba Fett! Kids, go stand next to him so I can take your picture!

Wife: Who’s that?

Husband: It’s a Star Wars thing. You wouldn’t understand.

Alas, I no longer have either costume, nor do I even have a photo to mark the occasion. I had the Boba Fett mask (which I bought in Louisiana while still living there in the late ’90s) shipped to Japan many years ago, but by the time it reached me it was in pieces as the Japanese Customs Agency must have mistaken it for a weapon, or a bomb, or something. I still have my original Darth Vader mask from childhood though! At least that survived the journey to the other side of the world.

Fast forward two years later to 2004 in Japan. “The Art of Star Wars” museum exhibition is touring the country in celebration and promotion of the S.W. prequel trilogy. Two separate museums in the prefecture (state) where I live hosted the exhibitions with the first exhibition covering episodes 1 & 2 (Ep. 3 would be released in theaters the following year) and the second exhibition covering episodes 4, 5, & 6 (my favs of the entire saga). I attended both exhibitions that summer/autumn. The second exhibition happened during the month of my birthday, so that was a b-day gift that I would not deny myself. I later took a lot of heat from the English school where I was teaching because I skipped a seminar to attend the exhibition that weekend. Was it worth it? Without a doubt!