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When I arrived at the museum for the second exhibition and beheld the original Boba Fett costume worn by Jeremy Bulloch, I was mesmerized. It was displayed in a plexiglass case that you could walk around and view from all sides. The detail, the texture, everything about it was beyond description. The rest of the exhibit blew my mind, and it was thrilling to see all of the costumes, puppetry, model spacecraft, and special effects used in the films. I even got to see the painted glass backdrop of the rebel hangar bay in Return of the Jedi (the scene where Han Solo relinquishes control of his baby, the Millennium Falcon, back to Lando Calrissian just before the attack on the second Death Star). I really hope that I get a chance to see the exhibit again. The museum did not allow photos to be taken (possibly at Lucasfilm’s request), so the only memories I have of both events are solely in my head.

The point of my rambling is this; the character that Jeremy Bulloch made material for us on the screen in 1980 and 1983 has become part of the conscience of S.W. fans the world over. The character’s impact cannot be measured. His few short minutes of screen time left an image in our hearts and minds of a character so cool and mysterious that we have always longed for more of the man in the Mandalorian armor. Thank you Mr. Bulloch for your legendary performances as Boba Fett. You may have passed on to that wondrous “Galaxy Far, Far Away,” but your work will continue to sustain us with a lifetime of memories and enjoyment, every single time we watch.

“As you wish.”